• Q: What is telemedicine/telepsychiatry?
  • Q: What services do you provide?
  • Q: We are not sure if our technology is compatible. Will you assist us with implementation?
  • Q: How long does it take to begin services?
  • Q: How does telepsychiatry differ from general clinical based psychiatric service?
  • Q: What type of videoconferencing does ATP use?
  • Q: Is telepsychiatry HIPPA compliant?
  • Q: How does ATP protect the patient's privacy?
  • Q: Are there limited hours for providing services?
  • Q: How does ATP's emergency psychiatric evaluation work?
  • Q: How does ATP's outpatient psychiatric evaluation work?
  • Q: What type of clinical providers does ATP employ?

A: As a specialty of the larger categories of telehealth, telemedicine and telemental health, telepsychiatry is a discipline that focuses on the delivery of psychiatric services through videoconferencing by either psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioners. Typically telepsychiatry focuses on the initial psychiatric assessment and follow-up care with medication, when appropriate. As of 2013, telepsychiatry has been the most successful of all the telemedical applications to date, as it typically only needs adequate videoconferencing equipment between the psychiatrist and the patient at their desired location.

A: ATP Telepsychiatry provides a fellowship trained, board certified psychiatrists for the following specialties:

  • Child/Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Geriatrics
  • Substance Abuse
We provide services in a multitude of settings:
  • Behavioral Health Hospitals
  • Emergency Departments
  • Inpatient medical/surgical
  • Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Traditional private practice outpatient offices

A: Yes! ATP will analyze your existing structure and offer options that will meet your capital budget requirements. ATP will coordinate with your staff to ensure a secure, HIPAA compliant solution.

A: The time varies from one week to several months. Speed of implementation depends on individual facility's credentialing and privilege issues, and existing technology. Flexibility regarding the allowance of temporary privileges along with each facility's ability to fast track the Information Technology component will ensure that your facility will be operating in a very short period of time.

A: Our board certified psychiatrists do not differentiate the practice of telepsychiatry from general psychiatric clinics. Hence, all patients will be evaluated and treated with the best quality of service that they would receive in a clinical setting.

A: ATP uses a customer centric approach and provides multiple secure connection options through our technology partners including LifeSize, Tanberg and Polycomm.

A: ATP uses a secured HIPAA compliant and encryption enabled televideo conferencing equipment and Telemedicine platform.

A: ATP uses a secured HIPAA compliant connections and requires a written consent from both the originating and service sites for recording videoconferences. The facility site is responsible for complying with the patient privacy standards and policies, and maintaining confidentiality of the costumer's medical records.

A: Our practice is an extension of your service. ATP is flexible in providing services 24-hours/365 days a year; as applicable to your practice or simply on an as needed basis. You need not have to contract with ATP during regular hours to get an after hour coverage. Whether it is weekend coverage or after hours on-call service, you can count of ATP to be an enhancement to your regular practice.

A: ATP provides emergency psychiatric evaluations to hospital emergency departments, psychiatric crisis centers, and other medical settings that benefit from urgent psychiatric care. Within one hour of a request, ATP will connect staff from the referring medical or psychiatric setting to a ATP psychiatrist with special expertise and experience working in these settings. ATP's focus is on providing efficient, cost effective, and best practice psychiatric recommendations so that an appropriate disposition can be made quickly.

A: ATP's outpatient partners have access to ATP's large group of board certified psychiatric specialists during regularly scheduled hours. ATP's provider site psychiatrists virtually co-locate within the existing treatment team to provide professional psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and treatment team participation. This allows any behavioral health company with an internet connection to instantly access outstanding psychiatric care for their patients.

A: ATP hires licensed and board certified psychiatrists and psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners. All of our clinicians adhere to high standards of care and are also held accountable to the standards of care at the partner facilities they serve. At ATP we understand that your facility is graded or rated on the level of care that is provided. ATP will work with each costumer/facility to ensure that your outcomes are at the highest level and that you maximize all reimbursement opportunities possible.