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Welcome to Advanced Telepsychiatry !

ATP is a premier national telemental and behavioral health service provider offering a network of fellowship trained and experienced providers who are passionate in delivering evidence-based psychiatric care, evaluations, counseling and medication management using secured compliant audio-video teleconferencing. Our clinical team comprises of the highest quality behavioral health specialists such as psychiatrists, addictionologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, licensed counselors and social workers.

Our mission is to provide holistic and customized high quality of care to adult, geriatric, child and adolescent with access to our highly trained clinical team via our cloud based technology platform and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). ATP invests in learning your needs as we value our client relationships at an individual level.

ATP collaborates, employs and manages a large team of telepsychiatry, telecounseling and teleaddiction providers who integrate into our client’s on-site staff and become an integral part of the service delivery and care team. Our providers are recognized for their high standards of care.

Our team of highly trained professionals also works closely to assess and provide solutions to your outpatient/inpatient locations for better staff utilization, effective reimbursements and effective use of grants for reapplications.

ATP's partner facilities and their remote telepsychiatry staff are linked via ATP's internal 24/7 Access Center. Through this centralized system, partners have one contact that will gather pertinent demographic and clinical information and connect partners with the appropriate telepsychiatry professional to conduct psychiatric evaluations, medication checkups, routine follow ups, inpatient care, outpatient care, counseling, individual therapy and more.

ATP is the next generation of telepsychiatry practice as we adopt and apply integrated care models suitable to individual sub-specialty domains. Your patients are our responsibility!

Why Choose ATP?


Uncompromised quality of care provided by US Board certified physicians
Subspecialty child and adolescent services available by fellowship trained physicians
Strict Quality Control protocols set under the guidance of our CMO and Board of Advisors
HIPAA compliance
Flexible service available at any block of time needed
Weekend and after hour on-call coverage available
Crisis, Correctional, Routine and Behavioral Health integration
Personalized service and flexible schedule efficiently catered to your needs
Credentialing specialists to work with your Medical Staff Officers toward gaining physician privileges
Nationwide Malpractice Coverage
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Office Location:

Advanced Psychiatric Services

PO Box 21532

Roanoke, VA 24018

Phone: 540.205.8023

Fax: 540.369.8316

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ATA's 2017 Fall Forum in DC—a unique opportunity to network and learn with telemedicine’s greatest minds in thought-provoking and intimate environment.

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